Seaside Park Hotel, Kołobrzeg
Seaside Park Hotel, Kołobrzeg
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September 2021
September 2021

Health and safety rules

Dear Guests,

Your safety is our highest value. Due to the epidemic situation in Poland, we have introduced additional safety and hygiene rules that will allow you to enjoy a safe and peaceful stay with us.



  • Each guest have their temperature measured by a non-contact thermometer when checking in. Staff have the right to refuse a guest in the event of a fever or illness and repeat the procedure during their stay
  • Guests must maintain adequate distance between themselves during check-in
  • Guests are separated from the reception employee by a transparent plexiglass plate and check-in is non-contact
  • All hotel employees are equipped with protective masks, gloves and disinfectant liquids, and also have their temperature measured before starting work every day
  • Reception desks, telephones, payment terminals and other public areas are regularly disinfected
  • Disinfectant fluid is available at Reception
  • Guests during check-in complete the so-called location card with an indication of your stay in the last 14 days
  • There is an absolute ban on unregistered persons staying in the hotel room
  • Guests are informed about the introduced rules during check-in


  • Room cleaning is carried out with masks and disposable gloves
  • Room cleaning takes place when guests are not in the room
  • During cleaning, all countertops, door handles, kitchen equipment (fridge, dishes, tableware), telephone, TV remote control and other items used by guests are disinfected
  • After checking out the Guest and before accepting the next one, a mandatory fumigation (the so-called dry fog) takes place in the hotel room, consisting of dispersing the biocide


  • Dispensers with disinfectant liquid are available before entering the restaurant and guests are asked to disinfect their hands
  • Guests are required to wear face masks and employees are also required to wear disposable gloves
  • A safe distance is maintained between the tables
  • Tables, chairs and tableware are each time disinfected before using the next guest
  • Buffets and all countertops are regularly disinfected and the cutlery and cutlery are scalded
  • Buffet dishes are served by the chef. coffee, tea and other drinks are served by waiters
  • Until the restaurant can be reopened, meals are served directly to the rooms in disposable, sterile, closed packages
  • Drinks are served as take-out in closed original packaging
  • Kitchen backroom employees are required to wear face masks, disposable gloves and chef's hats
  • There are dispensers with disinfectant fluid in the back room and employees are required to regularly wash and disinfect their hands and workplaces



  • Dispensers with disinfecting liquid are available before entering the Wellness & Spa area and other recreational areas, and guests are asked to disinfect their hands
  • Before using SPA treatments, guests have their temperature measured by a non-contact thermometer
  • estrictions on the number of people using recreational zones, including the swimming pool, sauna area and fitness center, have been introduced
  • All surfaces, countertops, cosmetics, equipment and treatment rooms are regularly disinfected
  • Employees of the Wellness & Spa zone are required to wear masks and disposable gloves
  • Each time, after using by the Guest, recreational equipment such as fitness equipment, deckchairs, bicycles and other are disinfected.



  • Dispensers with disinfectant liquid are available in public areas, including the reception, in front of the restaurant and in front of the elevators
  • All public areas are regularly disinfected by a dedicated employee
  • The so-called clean countertops - the number of products available directly to guests is limited to a minimum and they are issued on request
  • Elevators and toilets are disinfected with particular precision
  • n the spaces available to guests, surface spraying is used, consisting of disinfecting air with a biocide
  • Limits have been introduced on the number of people using the children's playroom and all toys are regularly disinfected
  • Qualified personnel with the required PZH permits performs regular hotel air conditioning service, consisting of replacing all filters, cleaning the installation and its fumigation
  • Triple disinfection of water in sports and recreational pools is used, ie chlorine disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and disinfection with chlorine dioxide (also used to disinfect drinking water)
  • Water quality parameters are monitored regularly (photometer testing of all basic physico-chemical parameters - CL, Ph, Redox)
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